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It’s hard to believe I have only been VRing for less than twelve months but the Oculus Rift just turned one and we get the presents. It’s been a wild ride since the release of the Rift CV1, the first consumer version, and so much has happened since then. We have seen the release of the industry leading touch controllers and though the tracking was a bit shaky at first everything is buttery smooth now and it seems the wait was well worth it, HTC is even rushing to the drawing vr beginner's guide anniversary sale vr ready computerboard to catch up. There have been so many games come out that I have a backlog of stuff I haven’t even tried yet. The price of the Rift and Touch controllers was slashed by $100 each, meaning the whole package now amazingly only costs $599, you can pick up a bundle complete with VR-ready PC on Amazon for just over $1100!

To celebrate the first anniversary of the release of the Rift, now through April 4th Oculus is slashing prices on games dropped by as much as 80%. Obviously, the big bundle is great value, 65% off 11 games including VR greats like Eve Valkyrie, Project CARS and Chronos, but it’s likely you already own some of them so you might have to make a tough decision. With so much to choose from, we have thrown together a few lists to simplify things.

Must Have VR Games

Chronos – Was $39.99 Now $16.99!

vr beginner's guide anniversary sale chronosIf you haven’t played Chronos yet you are missing out. Many people dismiss controller based games now that the touch controllers are out but some things just work better with the old thumbsticks. Chronos is a VR masterpiece featuring excellent dark souls style sword and board combat in a gorgeously rendered multi-dimensional world. The clever camera places you at unique and interesting vantage points in each room making exploration just that bit more rewarding.

Eve: Valkyrie – Half Price at $29.99vr beginner's guide anniversary sale eve valkyrie

Most people who missed this pre-order bonus thought $60 was a bit steep for a multiplayer only arcade style space shooter. But damned if it isn’t one of the sexiest games in VR. Don’t make the mistake of comparing this to the slew of content poor motion sick space games on steam. Valkyrie is the real deal. There have been a bunch of free expansions since release including co-op mode and cross platform support so you can even teach those console peasants who’s boss in VR. Finally, well worth the price of admission.

Windlands – The Ultimate Parkour Experience Now Only $10vr beginner's guide anniversary sale windlands

Playing Windlands it’s hard to believe the original Indiegogo campaign only raised a meagre $20K. It has all the charm and idiosyncrasy you would expect from a Scandinavian Indie game while also being one of longest-lasting VR games available. Like Minecraft meets Mirrors Edge both the art style and gameplay seem just right and now with touch support it will give you a pleasant kind of vertigo like nothing else out there.

Project CARS – GOTY Edition Only $26.99vr beginner's guide anniversary sale project cars

PCARS just seems like it was made for VR. The fine detail crafted into each of the 120+ vehicles is mesmerizing. You will miss the first few start lights because you are too busy admiring the dashboard. There is a full multi-path career mode and online play for the more competitive drivers but, even lapping the famous Nürburgring in your dream supercar is a sweet sensation. GOTY edition features every update since release providing 100’s of hours of VR playtime.

Adr1ft – Slashed to $7.99

vr beginner's guide anniversary sale adr1ftAdr1ft will test your nerves and your VR legs. You awaken in the middle of a disaster stricken space station with a leaking spacesuit. Oxygen not only keeps you alive but must be used for directional thrust.  This makes for a very intense and nerve-wracking experience. There is a free roam mode but you should try main story, picking up and reading PDAs belonging to the ill-fated crew really makes it one of the most story driven experiences in VR. Be warned though, getting through Adr1ft without a sick bucket is a right-of-passage for VR users.

Best Oculus Rift Sale VR Games Under $5

Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games – $4.99 Now $0.99vr beginner's guide anniversary sale adventure time

If you don’t like Adventure Time then we can’t be friends. Featuring the actual voice actors, it has all the charm and humor of the TV show. Although it only has two levels, they take a decent amount of time to complete. I happily recommend this game at the original $4.99, so at $0.99 it would be senseless not to pick it up.

vr beginner's guide anniversary sale blaze rushBlaze Rush –  $9.99 Now $4.99

Blaze Rush is a community favorite with over 70% of buyers rating it a full 5 stars. A great little cart game with a cute top down Micro Machines viewpoint. Great single player, great multi-player, and a ton of content with many different modes. You can’t go wrong.

Darknet – $9.99 Now $3.99vr beginner's guide anniversary sale darknet

Highly awarded, highly rated, and very unique Darknet is synonymous with VR Indie success. It’s not hard to see why!  A retro hacking puzzle concept with that addictive resource collection upgrade loop gameplay. Now at one third of the price you too can see what all the fuss is about.

vr beginner's guide anniversary sale omega agentOmega Agent – $14.99 Now $3.99

A great little Gear VR port with a simple jetpack gameplay mechanic and a decent length. A cute and colorful world with fun challenges but arguable the most fun can be had just cruising around. If nothing else it as a good way to get use to free locomotion in VR.

Into the Dead – $9.99 Now $5.99vr beginner's guide anniversary sale into the dead

An auto running first person shooter with surprisingly good sound and graphics. Aiming with the headset is nearly as much fun as motion controllers.  The money you earn on each run can be spent unlocking new weapons, modes, and even loyal dog companions.


Oculus Rift VR for Everyone

This sale offers something for the VR gamer in all of us. The Oculus Rift “Birthday Sale” has everything from deep in game experiences to fun with our favorite cartoon friends.  This is a great opportunity for you to expand your library and have a great time along the way. Get em before April 4th though or it’s back to regular price.

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