An NFL Football Game is coming to Virtual Reality!

What a glorious time to be alive! VR Football games are always on my wish list and having an official NFL VR game launching is glorious news for all virtual reality football fans. The news came this week from the sports tech company StatusPro and it looks like a new NFL franchise with yearly releases planned is coming to a headset near you soon! A virtual reality football simulator is an exciting premise for an official NFL title and it’s very much welcomed addition to the already growing sporting VR genre. So here’s everything we know so far. Let’s get into it!

StatusPro Brings Us A Long-Awaited Virtual Reality Football Game

The tech company StatusPro has been involved with AR, VR, and mixed reality technology for years. They work alongside professional sporting coaches to improve game strategies and develop player skills. Modern technology is truly exciting and StatusPro has played a key role in improving player performance through the medium of virtual reality. They also now clearly feel confident enough that their sporting developments are suitable also for a consumer market. Not only can players and coaches gain from their research and development but clearly they have enough ideas and creative force to make playable exciting gaming titles for us gamers!

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NFL VR is just such an exciting idea. Flat screen gamers have had yearly installments of the amazing Madden series and it’s exciting to believe that football VR is coming to the virtual reality gaming market soon.

New NFL VR Football Game Is Slated to Launch on Both Playstation VR and Meta Quest 2

Details of the first game are lacking at this early stage. Beyond announcing it, the developers have kept most details close to their chests. We do know however that the first title is confirmed to launch on both Playstation VR and the Meta Quest 2. Amazing result as with the Quests 2 large user base and the excitement around PSVR 2, this means virtual football will be available to purchase by a large market share of VR headset users. It’s also fairly safe to assume that we’ll get confirmation of the game launching on PCVR at some point too. Imagine a franchise with the quality and gaming experience of Madden, releasing yearly NFL games for your virtual reality headset. Being able to step onto that field, strategies gameplay, and execute amazing passes and runs all within a 3D virtual world is such an appealing idea for everyone.

Who Exactly is StatusPro?

The genius behind the concept has a lot of pedigree also. Co-founded by former NFL player for the Cleveland Browns Andrew Hawkins and college football athlete Troy Jones. Both athletes formed the company to combine modern technology and innovation with coaching techniques to improve the field plays. The use of virtual reality and augmented reality on the pitch allows for visual aids to assist players in completing passes and both co-founders show a real passion for the sport while also displaying incredible entrepreneur skills to promote their business. The fact that they are confident they have the chops to create a realistic VR football simulation for us gamers to enjoy is such an exciting piece of news to receive. We are going to be getting yearly games from creators who have the real world sporting pedigree and experienced background in virtual reality technology. Time will tell if this truly is a winning combination but certainly, even at this early stage, it would seem that everything is moving in the right direction.

Getting to step onto the pitch as a player and recreating amazing passes and game plans is an exciting concept that hopefully gives gamers a truly immersive pro athlete NFL experience. Time will tell.

What Are The Best Existing VR Football Games?

So if you’re impatient for some NFL VR or don’t feel like buying the PSVR 2 when it arrives, there are some titles you can try right now. A few virtual football games have been available on both the Quest/Quest 2 and PCVR for some time. Titles like 2MD VR Football Classic and 2MD VR Football evolution allow you to get to grips with planning gameplays off the pitch and then executing them on the pitch. Both titles are available on Steam and you can get a slightly different version called 2MD VR Football Unleashed Challenger Edition on the Quest and Quest 2. These are just a few titles worth exploring but there are a few more hidden gems too from the virtual reality football genre.

We will continue to update you on any relevant news for NFL VR as it happens so remember to check back here often for all your VR-related content. You won’t be disappointed!

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