Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2: The Ultimate Solution for Larger Hands


The quality of your virtual reality gaming experience relies heavily on how well your controller fits in your hand. The normal Quest 2 controllers out of the box feel a little short to us, especially if you happen to have larger hands. The problem may be solved, though, thanks to the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips. We’re happy to bring you an in-depth evaluation of these grips after putting them through their paces in a variety of virtual reality games like “I Expect You to Die 3,” “Beat Sabre,” “Swordsman VR,” “Pistol Whip,” and “Resident Evil 4 VR.” After long sweaty play session, do the grips still hold up? Let’s get into it!

Unveiling the Contents

When you take the controller out of the package, you’ll notice the extra-long handles. These grips have everything you need, including a battery cover and knuckle straps that are already attached. Knuckle straps, ring protectors, and wrist straps all include Velcro covers, making the Kiwi Design set even better.

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Simple Setup Procedures

In little more than five minutes per controller, you can attach the grips to your controllers. The procedure is outlined below:

  • The first step is to get rid of the batteries and battery covers from your Quest 2 controllers.

  • Place the controllers’ battery compartments into the Kiwi grip covers properly aligned.

  • To make swapping batteries a breeze, set them on top of the included plastic strip.

  • Place the upper portion of the cover over the face of the controller and fasten it in place using the connectors at the rear.

  • You can customize your virtual reality experience by adjusting the knuckle grip to fit your hand.

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Out-of-the-Box Advantages

Strengthened Protection for Controllers

The knuckle straps are the standout feature of these grips, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip on the handles. You can now relax your grip on the controllers and open your hand without constantly worrying about losing control. The wrist straps are there for individuals who want that extra bit of security.

Replace Batteries Effortlessly

The battery door is cleverly built into the grip, making battery swaps a breeze. When compared to other straps and controller covers on the market, this one stands out as the most useful.

Made Specially for Bigger Hands

These grips effectively add length to the controllers, making them more suitable for players with larger hands. This improvement stands out the most during marathon game sessions. If fitted correctly with the adjustable strap, there’s simply no way for the controllers to slip out of your hands, which is great.

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In-Depth Testing

We extensively tested these grips in several virtual reality games, such as “I Expect You to Die 3,” “Beat Saber,” “Swordsman VR,” “Pistol Whip,” and “Resident Evil 4 VR,” to get a good idea of how well they work. The variety of games used allowed for a thorough analysis of longevity, comfort, and overall performance.

Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips performed admirably across the board. During lengthy gaming sessions, they provided a stable and comfortable grip that added to the overall experience. In games where quick hand movements are essential, like “Pistol Whip” and “Beat Saber,” the grips never gave way.

If you use the plastic tab that comes with the grips, swapping out the batteries is a breeze. The battery can be changed without the tab, but it takes longer and is more difficult to do so.

Kiwi Design has an alternative version of these grips without the extender for individuals who are uncomfortable with the idea of adding length to the controllers. Visit their website to see the range of excellent products available.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips

The Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2 will greatly improve your virtual reality gaming experience. Here are some insider tricks to make the most of these awesome extras and increase your ease of use, convenience, and overall satisfaction:

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  1. Customize Your Grip

The knuckle straps are designed with an elastic rope and buttons, so they can be adjusted to fit hands of varying sizes. Try different lengths of cord and different levels of tension until you discover the optimal length for your comfort and control needs while gaming. The stability of your controllers depends on how well they fit.

  1. Utilize Hand Strap Padding

Padding for the hand straps is optional and can be adjusted to fit your hands. This added comfort can make gaming sessions last even longer. See if it improves your grip and lessens hand fatigue by giving it a try.

  1. Proper Battery Replacement

When it’s time to swap out the batteries, utilize the battery tab made of plastic that comes with the grips. This minor adjustment will make a big difference in how quickly and easily things go. It’s a handy addition that makes these grips stand out from the competition.

  1. Experiment with Game Genres

Your virtual reality adventures should not be confined. You can use these grips for a wide variety of games. Try out the Kiwi Design grips with a variety of games, from fast-paced action titles to in-depth adventures, to see how they affect your experience.

  1. Share the Experience

These grips are adjustable, so you can use them with friends and family who have different hand sizes. Allow guests to try out your VR setup and feel the ease and safety of these grips for themselves.

  1. Consider Protective Accessories

The Kiwi Design grips are a great starting point for safety, but there are many other options out there for safeguarding your controllers and improving your virtual reality experience. If you care about the state of your equipment, you might want to purchase a case or skins for your controllers.

  1. Keep Your VR Space Safe

When playing virtual reality games, it’s important to make sure you’re in a secure environment. Get rid of any potential tripwires in your gaming environment before you dive headfirst into the virtual world.

  1. Regularly Clean Your Grips

Sweat and dirt can develop on the grips over time. To keep them feeling fresh and clean, wipe them down with a moist, lint-free cloth regularly. If your grips are in good shape, you can count on having a blast whenever you play.

You can get the most out of your Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2 if you follow these suggestions from the experts. Play for longer periods in greater comfort and discover all that virtual reality has to offer.

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Kiwi Design’s Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2?

Extra grips for your Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality controllers, from Kiwi Design. They make holding the controllers more comfortable, especially for those with larger hands, by extending the grip area. Adjustable knuckle straps, easy battery access, and protective features are just a few of the features included with these grips.

Are these grips compatible with the Oculus Quest 1 controllers?

The Oculus Quest 2 controllers are not universally compatible with the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips. The original Oculus Quest controllers, along with other kinds of virtual reality controllers, are incompatible with these.

How do I attach the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips to my Oculus Quest 2 controllers?

The installation process is straightforward. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Remove the battery cover from your Quest 2 controller.

  • Remove the wrist strap from the slot at the bottom of the battery compartment.

  • Remove the battery from your Quest 2 controller.

  • Open the battery flap on the controller grip cover and pull out the battery tab.

  • Align the controller cover with the controller and slide the controller into the cover from the top.

  • Push the battery tab into the battery compartment and then insert the battery into the compartment on top of the tab.

  • Attach the rubber grommets on the grip to the controller ring.

Can I still use the grips if I have small hands?

No, the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips can still be used, even if your hands are on the smaller side. Comfort and security are guaranteed for hands of varying sizes thanks to the hand strap cushioning and adjustable knuckle straps.

Do these grips interfere with tracking or the operation of the Oculus Quest 2 controllers?

The Kiwi Design grips, on the other hand, were made to not affect the tracking or functionality of the Oculus Quest 2 controllers in any way. They have a protective halo that wraps around the controller’s tracking ring without interfering with the ring’s ability to transmit signals, ensuring accurate tracking and control.

Are the Kiwi Design grips available in different colors?

The Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips are available in a wide range of colors so that you can find the perfect match for your gaming aesthetic.

Can I still use my Oculus Quest 2 accessories, like charging docks or carrying cases, with these grips attached to the controllers?

The Kiwi Design grips may not fit your accessories if they are not designed with them in mind. The added length of the controllers due to the expanded grips may prevent them from using some add-ons. It is suggested that you test the grips’ compatibility with your existing accessories or remove them before using them.

How do I clean and maintain the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips?

Sweat or grime can be removed from the grips by wiping them with a moist, lint-free cloth. Consistent cleaning will keep them clean and comfortable, leading to more enjoyable gaming sessions.

Can I share these grips with friends or family members with different hand sizes?

The Kiwi Design grips may be adjusted to fit the hands of a wide range of users. Virtual reality equipment is easily adaptable, so multiple users can enjoy it at once.

Where can I purchase the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2?

The Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2 can be purchased through the official Kiwi Design store, as well as from other reputable online retailers like Amazon.

Feel free to contact Kiwi Design’s customer care at any time if you have any further questions require assistance, or consult the product manual.

Pros of Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2:

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Improved Comfort for Larger Hands

These grips expand the controller’s surface area, making it more comfortable to hold for players with larger hands. This longer cord allows for a more stable and relaxed grip throughout lengthy periods of virtual reality use.

Adjustable Knuckle Straps

The knuckle straps are elastic and can be adjusted with the buttons. The VR experience is improved when users of varying hand sizes adjust the straps for a secure fit.

Thickened and Widened Hand Strap

The high-density sponge that wraps the hand strap makes it more comfortable to play for extended periods. The padded hand strap and wrist strap are optional features that can be used at the discretion of the user.

Convenient Battery Replacement

These grips have a battery compartment layout that allows the controller’s battery to be swapped out without having to remove the grip cover entirely. To make swapping batteries easier, a plastic battery tab was created.

Enhanced Controller Protection

A transparent silicone halo controller protection is built into the grips, and it snugly covers the device’s tracking ring. This shield prevents harm to the controller in the event of an accident without interfering with the tracking or control signals.

Color Choices Galore

These grips are available from Kiwi Design in a range of colors, allowing customers to tailor their virtual reality setup to their taste.

Cons of Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2:

Incompatibility with Some Accessories

The length of the grips may prevent them from being used with some charging docks and carrying cases designed for the Oculus Quest 2. Users should ensure that their existing attachments are compatible with the grips or be ready to remove the grips.

Less Ideal for Small Hands

The grips are modifiable, although they’re made with larger hands in mind. The grips may be too large or uncomfortable for those with smaller hands.

Limited Compatibility

Neither the original Oculus Quest controllers nor any other types of virtual reality (VR) controllers are compatible with these grips.

Potential for Reduced Portability

The controllers may become less portable due to the grips’ added size. Users who value portability may want to think about this compromise.

Additional Setup Time

To attach the grips to the controllers, it is necessary to remove the batteries and replace them. Users should expect a brief setup process, but it is not very complicated.

Cost Consideration

The grips are an optional extra that improves the Oculus Quest 2 experience but require an additional purchase. Before making a choice, users should consider the advantages and disadvantages.

In conclusion, those who have larger hands will appreciate the added comfort and personalization that the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2 provides. Users should also think about whether or not they will be compatible with their current accessories and whether or not they have particularly large hands. The Oculus Quest 2 gaming experience is greatly enhanced by the addition of these grips; nonetheless, users should be mindful of the grips’ limitations and potential trade-offs.

Overall Impressions

These knuckle-strapped, extended controller grips by Kiwi Design are brilliant. They make gaming safer and more comfortable for people with larger hands. It completely changes the game when batteries can be swapped out without taking the device apart. These grips are highly suggested if you’re looking to improve the comfort and immersion of your Quest 2 controllers. Kiwi Design has solidified its position as the preferred manufacturer of Quest add-ons.

In Conclusion

For those who want a more comfortable grip, the Kiwi Design Extended Controller Grips for Quest 2 is an excellent option. These grips are an excellent addition to the Quest 2 gaming experience since they are easy to use, install, and operate well with a wide variety of virtual reality games. Get ready to ditch the discomfort and confidently play for longer periods. Don’t pass up the chance to experience the greater immersion and convenience that these grips offer.

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