Google Cardboard VR Headset: Dive into Under $20 Awesomeness

What is Google Cardboard?Google Cardboard VR Headseat image description

Google has some of the greatest minds in the world working for them. They are a group of innovative, curious, and highly imaginative people. Unsurprisingly, they can come up with simple, but marvellous ideas as well. The Google Cardboard is one such idea. After all, who would’ve thought that you would get a genuine virtual reality experience with just a phone inside a cardboard box?

The most affordable VR headset available is nearly 5 times the cost of this particular innovative box. After all, even Samsung Gear costs $99.00. You can assemble a Cardboard for under $20. In fact, if you’re creative enough, you can modify the Cardboard to become as sophisticated as you would like.

How does Cardboard Work?google cardboard image description

This is actually the first question that people ask. How can a cardboard box provide a good VR experience? Just how does this work? Cardboard is just as easy to understand as it looks. You need a smart phone with NFC capabilities to use this. The Cardboard will have an NFC chip inside it as well. This would launch the Cardboard app on your phone.

You need to place your smart phone inside the Cardboard. You should make sure that the phone is a comfortable distance away from the lenses of the Cardboard. These lenses will create a 3D effect, offering an immersive experience to you. The phones in-build accelerometer and gyroscope would help the VR system recognize your head movements.

The scene before your eyes would change according to your movements. There’s also a small, but amazing magnet in the headset that would allow you to open and close apps on your phone. As you can’t touch your phone screen, this magnet will allow you to interact with your phone’s OS.

What Phones Work With Cardboard?

There are several phones compatible with Cardboard. You’re not limited to Android phones. You can use your iPhone or your Microsoft phones. You need to ensure that your phone’s operating system will support the Cardboard app. If your phone is too old, it might not support Cardboard. As we mentioned before, you also need to have NFC in your phone to take full advantage of this particular innovation.

Where to Buy?

Cardboard is a full DIY project. You can purchase the basic kit that includes the Cardboard box with the lenses, magnets, and the NFC chip from Amazon here. There are several versions of Cardboard available in the market. You can choose one that suits you best. After all, all you need to do is follow the instructions and assemble it.

6 Best Apps for Google CardboardVR Apps image description

Google’s prized DIY project Google Cardboard has taken the world by storm. While so many expensive VR devices set to be released in 2016, the VR buzz is in the air and Cardboard is right in the middle of it. It costs a pittance and is very easy to assemble. The healthy and thriving Android app development eco-system has already produced several apps uniquely tailored for the VR experience. Here are some of the best apps for Google Cardboard.

1 – Google Cardboard Camera

How many of you have wanted to capture a great video for some event but found it too cumbersome to hold your phone steady for a long time? The Google Cardboard Camera will record what you see and you don’t even have to strain your arms for it. The camera is mounted on your face after all.

2 – Orbulus

This app will allow you to explore the world without even stepping out of your home. If you can’t visit the place in real life, why not experience it in VR? You can explore the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel without Heading to the Vatican, or enjoy an African Safari without visiting Africa.

3 – RollercoasterRoller Coaster Google Cardboard App image description

If you want to experience an adrenalin rush, you should download Rollercoaster. You’ll be sitting on the front seat of a terrific and terrifying ride. It would seem like you’re performing parkour on steroids as you hurtle past buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, and other such obstacles.

4 – Deep Dive

This is a great app for your children to explore. It would take you deep into the ocean to swim amongst the sharks, fish, and whales. It would allow you to explore that world without donning the wetsuit and slipping into a shark cage.

5 – VR-Jurassic Land

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Whether you’re a kid or an adult, dinosaurs are some of the most mysterious and intriguing creatures to exist. They have captured our imagination for hundreds of years and this app will allow you to explore them and their world.

6 – VRSE

VRSE is the most popular VR app in the marketplace at the moment. This app is designed for the VR experience. It’s actually a video storytelling app that has different topics and stories explored in video format. You feel like you’re present there, in front of the speaker and experiencing the story.

There are several other great Cardboard and VR apps out there than can help you get the best experience from this affordable VR device.

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