VR Beginners Guide

NBA and VR Viewing

How Virtual Reality Will Change Sports for Future Play Experience

Virtual reality has already started changing American football training, and it is doing the same to different sports. The Minnesota Vikings are one of the first teams to incorporate VR into their training program. More teams, from other sports, are now beginning to realize the importance of this new technology in improving their players’ real-world […]

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Roller Coaster Google Cardboard App

Google Cardboard VR Headset: Dive into Under $20 Awesomeness

What is Google Cardboard? Google has some of the greatest minds in the world working for them. They are a group of innovative, curious, and highly imaginative people. Unsurprisingly, they can come up with simple, but marvellous ideas as well. The Google Cardboard is one such idea. After all, who would’ve thought that you would […]

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VR Demo for a first time user

What is Virtual Reality?

In such a fast-paced world where technological marvels are happening on a daily basis, it can be difficult to keep up. Buzz words and terms like Metaverse, NFTs, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality get thrown around until they become a normal part of the zeitgeist. Sometimes it’s important though to just slow down […]

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Explaining how Google Cardboard works for Virtual Reality Beginners

How Does Virtual Reality Work? – VR Basics for beginners

With smart phones, smart watches, and smart TVs, etc, modern day technology has evolved and continues to evolve. The next step is the introduction of virtual reality. Most of the tech giants are invested in VR in one way or the other. The most famous of these VR devices, the OculusRift has been around for […]

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