3 VR Exercise Games to Get You Fit

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Review of the Best VR Exercise and Fitness Games

For many gamers, the idea of being able to play a game you enjoy while getting a real work out has always seemed like a pipe-dream. Something that will never really happen and definitely not something to get excited about. Some systems like the Wii and Kinect tried to tap into this idea.  Unfortunately, the games were either not very entertaining or an aggressive enough workout so the niche died out for a while. Well that is all over now!

VR has opened up the fitness world to a level that was once only imagined. Mind blowing technology meets true fitness with the latest VR exercise games. These immersive fitness games will keep your heart rate up and leave you counting the minutes to your next workout!

vr fitness female player jumping image descriptionIt’s the hottest trend in gaming right now and has surpassed the experience offered by any previous systems such as the Wii or Kinect. The system provides you with fully immersive games that keep you moving and, literally, and make you feel like you are really in the experience. If you have tried one of the previous versions of fitness games and found yourself getting bored of the repetitive action and limited experience then you need to try VR Fitness. If you’re looking to lose weight or simply get fit while losing yourself in alternate worlds and experiences, here are our current top three top picks for both fun and fitness that have been taking virtual reality gamers by storm.

Best VR Games That Actually Make You Exercise

#1 Holopointholopoint player with htc vive headset and controller with game images in background

Training to become a master samurai can be a real workout. With the game Holopoint, it’s no different. This is a standing/room scale game offered on the Steam store. Originally released for the Vive, it has been confirmed to work for Oculus Rift as well. This one is a great way to start your workout, with its constant action and fast-paced rhythm acting as a good warm-up. Additionally, the draw and fire movements of the bow work as a low resistance rowing exercise for the back and shoulders.  The twisting and dodging out of the way of returned fire gives your core a solid workout. Combined with the full body rotations to keep the enemy in sight, makes a 20-minute game session of Holopoint feel like you’ve just ran a marathon.

Holopoint review for the HTV Vive or Oculus Rift - VR Fitness Games image description

For gamers looking for a fun VR experience that has a lot of replayability and will get your heart rate up, this game should be on the top of your list. Unlike most VR games on the market right now, this game is not about having the best graphics or the most beautiful environments. Rather, it is about the gameplay and how stressful the environment can get. By the time you reach later levels of the game you will have samurai and ninjas coming out of the walls to get you, with only your trusty bow to protect you.

#2 Thrill of the Fight
thrill of the fight boxer in ring with player opponents in real time image description

Boxing is a quick way to get in shape, and the same goes for Thrill of the Fight. Much like a good shadow boxing session, this game hits you in all the right places to make a great VR workout experience. It offers high energy fights with every match, and a well-balanced difficulty that makes approaching the game easy. This is a totally immersive experience and one that I have gone back to again and again.

I have found myself getting agitated by my opponents and reacted in a flurry of punches, I have methodically jabbed them in the same spot over and over and broke them down piece by piece, and I have gotten knocked the heck out too! Each time I find myself having a great experience and really feeling like I am in a pro boxing match. After one match I even caught myself raising my hands to the crowd in victory and taking in their cheers and applause. Don’t be fooled by the fun though, thrill of the fight boxer in ring with player inset image descriptionafter a few rounds in the ring you’ll start feeling the burn in your shoulders and core from throwing punches and hay makers, feel your legs start to shake from bobbing and weaving out of the way of your opponent, and feel the calories melt as you get a fun full-body workout. Each time after removing the headset I have been winded and felt that rush of adrenaline exiting my body. One thing I will caution, you will leave the headset sweaty after this one. If you have friends over who want to try it I recommend using a VR cover or saving this for the last experience of the night.

In short, if you are looking for a realistic fighting experience that will have you sweating as you block and punch instead of just mashing buttons, this game may be just what you are looking for. It has clean graphics, great playability, it runs smoothly on almost any PC, and it will give you the workout you’re looking for. Step in to the ring right now with Thrill of the Fight.

#3 Audioshieldaudioshield vr shields with hit count red and blue image description

If you have ever played the old-school PC game Audiosurf you’ve got an idea how this game works. Now replace the mouse with two motion controllers and you can see how this title could be a full body workout. Audioshield, which has been verified to work on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, gives you the simple quest of defending yourself from red, blue and purple lights with a pair of red and blue shield you wield. While the concept of the game seems simple, the gameplay is definitely not. Keeping the streams light off of your avatar will definitely give you a workout as you twist and bend to keep your shields in place.

autoshield review for the HTV Vive or Oculus Rift - VR Fitness Games image description

Another cool feature that will keep you returning for more is how customizable the game is. Each level of gameplay is based on the music playing, and with the games open system it allows you to use your own music library for creating new levels, and even keeps a running scoreboard for each track. While it comes with many songs that work great with the game and even has a song of the day feature, when you use your own music it becomes an addictive workout and a great game.

What Do I Need To Get Fit and Exercise with VR Gaming?

As you can see with any of these three picks, you will be on your way to getting the work out you want wrapped in an get fit don't quit do it fitness image descriptionawesome game. You will need the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive system to play these games and a PC that meets the requirements. Once you have your system set up, you’ll find ease of playability with this system, with a a fully immersive and interactive experience that will get you moving in a way that no other PC or console game has before.

Each game provides a multi-tiered approach, incorporating the latest technology that will get your body moving, aerobic exercise and movements that focus on specific muscle groups. The games themselves are fun and engaging, giving you the ability to work out in a way that you never have before. The only way to truly understand is to try it for yourself. So, get moving and check out Audioshield, Thrill of the Fight or Holopoint and see what VR has to offer for fun and fitness.


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